Current Situation, all small accommodation providers must find a way to reach more guests through online booking channels.

The problem is how to manage it all. When not done correctly, it affect the success of your Hotel Business name.

 Manual channel management :

When you first start your hotel business, it’s normal to distribute directly to customers and connect to just one or two third party online sites.

However, if you want your revenue to high, it’s necessary to develop your distribution by having more online hotel channels.

You spend a lot of hours updating multiple websites for changes in rates and inventory, and it is not a one kind of job. In fact, Each time a online booking is made on one of your sales channels, you have to make sure your availability is reflected correctly on all of your online booking sites.

What’s danger is sometimes you are not quick enough. Things get actually busy and you have don’t get a chance to update everything until hours later. End of the process with unhappy, double booked rooms. You consider hiring an extra person and its really very tension activities. avoid this all activities and just to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Hotel Channel Management Software

For example, you accept a booking over the call, but within minutes that room gets sold on one of your online booking sites – before you get a chance to log in and update it. really you get stuck upgrading your guests and losing money on the difference in room cost, or Bad .

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