240-hotelroomsandhowchannelmanagersworkHotel Channel’s Manager Software – For Hotel, B&Bs, Holiday Homes, Vacation Rental, Hostel, Agencies.

You spend more time updating multiple websites for changes in rates and inventory,      In-fact, Each time a booking is made on one of your sales channels, you have to make sure your availability is reflected correctly on all of your online booking business sites.

Main disadvantage is sometimes you are not quick enough. Things get actually busy and you have don’t get a chance to update everything until hours later. End of the process with unhappy, double booked rooms. You consider hiring an extra person and its really very tension activities. avoid this all activities and just to make sure everyone is on the current page.

For example, you accept a booking over the call, but within minutes that room gets sold on one of your online booking sites – before you get a chance to log in and update it. really you get stuck upgrading your customers and losing money on the difference in room rent, or Bad experience .

Increase Your Online Bookings & Save Valuable Time!!

All in One Software for Hoteliers:

A Single-point dashboard for managing all your distribution channels
Instant automatic update across all channels

The single point dashboard provides in avoiding rate disparity and enhances hotel’s online reputation by maintaining favorable relationship with various travel sites.

  • The channel manager Software keeps your distribution channels up to date.
  • Automatically email triggers instead of sending manually.
  • Automate functions modify bookings according to owner rules.

All you need to manage your business. Mobile friendly. Multi-language.

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